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Apostille services in Bangalore can be one of the daunting tasks if you choose a random firm to do the legal work. We are working hard to remove it from the apostille procedure. It's time to unpack your problems, set yourself free, and let us handle all of the necessary procedures. Whether it's a personal or commercial document, we provide complete 360° solutions. Now, you can get Apostille services in Bangalore at a very affordable price.

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Apostille Attestation Services In Bangalore

When you are in the hunt of a best Apostille Services in Bangalore, then we assure you that you are almost there. We offer finest Apostille Attestation in Bangalore, with exclusive assistance for all your apostille needs. We mainly offer our services with highly experienced staff to procure all basic needs like apostille stickers from MEA and other mandatory needs. If you have a question “who is the best Apostille Service near me,” we are the best answer for you with our best and affordable services.

Services include in processing certificates of birth, marriage, health, educational, non-educational and even commercial certificates. Our management works closely with the chamber of commerce, consulates, embassies of different countries, government departments, notary offices, universities, etc in order to obtain the certification or legalization process easier for our clients. We understand our client's time and money and ensure an easy process for them. We have our trusted courier company which ensures safe delivery and pick up of the documents before and after the attestation process. For each state or city in India, we have free pick up or delivery areas defined for hustle free process for our clients. All the attestation or legalization process takes place in Mumbai city from all over the world.

What is Document/Certificate Apostille In Bangalore?

Certificate legalization is the procedure of procuring an apostille sticker on the required certificate from the MEA as evidence of authenticity. It is a document verification procedure followed by many nations which are part of the hague convention. MEA is the central government department responsible for foreign affairs. The only authorized authority in India to legalize certificates is MEA.

Why is document apostille required in Bangalore?

Certificate legalization is required for several reasons, for example, residential visa, student visa, work visa, or attending to a business overseas dealing with any country that is a part of the Apostille Hague Convention. Every country needs some proof about an individual or a company to be considered as legitimate, that’s why this legalization process is must.

How to get Apostille in Bangalore?

Bangalore issued certificates Apostille procedure has been decentralized by the Indian government recently. Usually, the authentication of the certificates beings at the regional level and is followed by state authentication. Finally, the Apostille sticker is obtained by the central government. Candidate can this process personally as per the above chart instruction or Get service from EAS. The EAS is the accountable consultancy giving true authentication of documents in the quickest time possible. We provide apostille services for a variety of certificate like Birth certificate, Degree certificate, Marriage certificate, PCC, Affidavit, Medical Certificate, Power of Attorney, Exports Invoice, Certificate of Origin etc.

Categories of Document Apostille in Bangalore

Depending on the reason of flying, there are different types of documents that necessitate verification. Individuals need to travel to countries for study, work or for business. Seeing the need, certificates are distinguished into three types, being; personal documents, birth certificate and marriage certificate are what are called personal certificates; educational documents like degree certificate are those that are required for getting a job or for higher education needs, and commercial documents are a confirmation of your settled business and that your business is legitimate.

Procedure of Apostille Attestation Services in Bangalore

Ministry of External Affairs Attestation ( Apostille ) in Bangalore / Karnataka can be done in 2 ways.

Procedure of Apostille Attestation Services in Bangalore

  • State authentication

    State attestation is known as HRD Attestation for Educational documents and for non-educational documents Home department verification is required. You need to go to respective universities, Secretariat offices, DC offices and Regional Authentication centers ( RAC ) for this work ( State Attestation ). You can also get HRD attestation services for Bangalore from at an affordable rate.

  • Sub Divisional Magistrate ( SDM ) Attestation / Authentication

    Sub Divisional Magistrate ( SDM ) Attestation / Authentication will be from Delhi. It’s the fastest mode of verification since only few department are involved.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It usually is determined by the sort of certificate legalization is required for how long the process of authentication may take. Going for offline procedure will take around 25 to 45 days, in any case, if you incorporate the authentication agencies in Bangalore to finish the process for you, then it might truly require altogether lesser venture like 8 to 20 business days. The period of the procedure would also be affected by the time when the HRD is incorporated. Varying from state to state and university to university, it will lengthen up to a couple of weeks more than a month.

There are several levels of authentication that are comprised in the certificate legalization procedure. Apostille attestation fee usually relies upon the sort of authentication you need, be it for just from the MEA or from all other levels as well. Although, when calculated the legalization costs few thousands and will also be influenced as gravity of obtaining the legalization also plays a significant part in the determination of cost of certifying document.