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Certificate Attestation for Yemen

Certificate attestation for Yemen is categorized in three types

  • Educational Document
  • Non Educational or Personal Document
  • Commercial

Educational Non Educational Commercial
Degree Certificate Marriage certificate Date of Origin
Diploma Certificate MOFA Power of Attorney
PG Degree Certificate Birth certificate Memorandum of Association
Professional Certificate Divorce certificate Certificate of Incorporation
Distance education Certificate Death Certificate Invoice
Bonafide Certificate License
Salary Certificate Income Tax Return
Medical Certificate
Bonafide Certificate

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Yemen Attestation by the Embassy Yemen is a western Asian country located in the Persian Gulf. Yemen is the largest peninsular country. Yemen is listed among the poorest countries of Arab Region. Yemen is dependent on the revenue it receives from its small reserves of oil and natural gas.

Yemen is part of the traditional attestation process. In this case, we will follow the legalization procedure of the certificate/document by the Yemen Embassy. Document/Certificate attestation becomes mandatory when planning to work in Yemen or pursue higher education. We can check the authenticity of the certificate through the attestation procedure. YEMEN will require your educational/personal documents be attested before the visa application can begin. Apostille Services as a professional in the attestation industry, provides hassle-free and complete services for attesting your documents to Yemen.

What is Yemen Attestation?

A stamp of attestation from the Yemeni embassy will serve as proof that the document has been verified. Yemen Embassy Attestation is the certification for documents required to do business or get a visa in Yemen. This is important as you will be sanctioned as an acceptable individual. The documents must be checked by different government levels to attest the document. Documents can only be attested by authorised people.

Why is Yemen Attestation required?

For a number of reasons, such as work visas, student visas, residence visas, or marketing purposes, we need to certify the Yemen visa. This is a way to confirm that the person/company visiting Yemen has no bad intentions. This proves your documents to be true, and you can enter the country.

Yemen Attestation Procedure

Your document will go through multiple levels of scrutiny and verification before it finally receives the MEA stamp along with Yemen Embassy attestation. MEA is a central government department that stamps the MEA on documents. The MEA decentralised this process on January 1, 2019.

Yemen Attestation Procedure

  • Regional Level

    This is the first stage in the legalization process. The notary, the University where the document was issued or in the case of a commercial document the Chamber of Commerce can perform this stage of authentication.

  • State Government

    Three different organisations perform the authentication depending on the type of document. The State Home Department, the Human Resource Department and the Subdivisional Magistrate are these organizations. SDMs are independent from the state government. However, they carry out authentication at the state level.

  • MEA Stamp

    MEA Stamp MEA (or Ministry of External Affairs) is the last level of certification that the government of a country. After they are certified, documents will be stamped with the MEA Seal. MEA or Ministry of External Affairs, is responsible for foreign affairs.

  • Embassy Attestation

    Personnel from the country in which the document is being legalized will perform this step. For most countries, it is usually the last stage of certification for most countries after the Ministry of External Affairs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is essential to know what criteria they have to meet when searching for the most reliable attestation services in Yemen. The company should be able to demonstrate professionalism and genuineness. Apostille Services is the best agency among all those present. Our expertise is in providing fast, high-quality attestation for Yemen. You'll always be aware of changes to the process. The firm only employs licensed professionals. Your convenience is our top priority. Apostille Services can provide authentications at all levels, from notary to embassy.

You may need an attestation on a wide range of documents. The time required to attestation depends on several factors. These include the document type, country you require attestation for, and organization. Usually, it takes 15 to 25 days. The factors that affect this timeframe are listed above.

  • Document Type
  • State Department
  • MEA
  • Embassy

Costs for the Yemen Attestation in Mumbai vary from one country to another. The cost may also depend on the urgency and the location of delivery. It could cost a lot or little, depending on the services you choose. For example, if you want to certify documents and have them picked up from your home. Contact our representatives for the best prices.