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HRD attestation occurs in the HRD Department of the State. HRD attestation refers to a process of legalization that is done in order to validate a document. This is the first stage of legalizing educational documents in Hyderabad. All educational documents issued by MHRD are eligible for HRD attestation. All educational documents that require attestation or Apostille need to be authenticated first by the State Human Resource Development of the state where the document was issued.

For many nations, attestation of HRD certificates is required for visas, higher education, and employment abroad. You must follow the State HRD Attestation procedure in order to receive attestation by the embassy.

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Why is Document Attestation Required in Hyderabad?

The Certificate Attestation is needed in Hyderabad to verify and legalise all documents to ensure their reliability and legalisation. Attesting documents is the responsibility of the officials and embassy authorities.

When does the Attestation of a certificate become necessary?

The following are the places where you can expect to get the Attestation of your certificate in Hyderabad.

It is important to certify the commercial document, as it gives the person or business the freedom and authority to expand their business overseas.

After the attestation of educational documents, students and employees can apply for a study visa.

Several personal documents, such as Medical Certificates, PCCs, and Affidavits, are required to attestation for personal reason

What documents are needed for HRD Certificate Attestation in Hyderabad?

Attestation for Educational/Personal Certificates

Original degree/personal certificate

Photocopy of passport

Commercial Documents Attested

Commercial documents attested by Chamber of Commerce

Cover letter on letterhead of the Company

HRD Attestation Procedure for Hyderabad

Validating and verifying the document requires two steps in the HRD attestation procedure in Hyderabad. You can see the detailed steps here:

Procedure for HRD Attestation in Hyderabad
  • Documents Verification

    To verify the document's trustworthiness, the respective State HRD sends the copy of the educational documents to the respective College/University/School with a verification letter. After that, the College/University/School verifies the document and sends a confirmed letter to the respective HRD informing about the authenticity and legitimacy of the document.

  • HRD Attestation

    Based on the endorsement done by the concerned College/University/School, the designated HRD authority attests the document with their signs and signature.

How long does it take to attestation in Hyderabad?

The process of Certificate Attestation in Hyderabad may take up to a month or even a full week, depending on circumstances and the availability of the documents. This time may also be extended according to the guidelines and norms of the Ministry of External Affairs and Foreign Embassy. We are always available to help in the event of confusion or difficulty in obtaining other documents. There are several ways to complete the process quickly Contact Us. When it comes to Certificate Apostille in Hyderabad then time is bit less

What is the cost of document attestation in Hyderabad?

The Certificate Attestation process involves several stages of authentication. The cost of Attestation varies widely, depending on the urgency to obtain the Attestation. Embassy fees also vary. It is difficult to give a quote as the charges are subject to change. Contact us to find out the current cost.