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The Certificate Apostille process is a standardised legalization of documents accepted by countries that have signed the Hague Convention 1961. Apostilled documents are valid in all Hague Convention member countries. India has been a member of Hague Convention since the year 2005. Superb Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. provides Apostille service for all Indian-origin personal, educational, and commercial documents in Chennai. We provide Indian Apostille services such as marriage certificate Apostille and birth certificate Apostille.

Apostille Attestation Services In Chennai

In India the Ministry of External Affairs is the only authority that can certify educational, personal, and commercial documents. Since 2006, we have provided attestation services to all major cities in Chennai. We have built a solid reputation for maintaining a high standard of service and keeping clients happy. We strive to provide the highest level of service, whether it is State Authentication (MEA Attestation), Embassy attestation or MEA Attestation.

Document Apostille In Chennai

Do you need to Apostille your documents in Chennai? Contact us. The Attestation provides the most reliable Certificates Apostille services in Chennai. Apostille, also known as legalization, is required in Hague Convention countries to verify the validity and credibility. Contact us if you need Certificate Apostille. We provide services for all sorts of official documents (Birth/Death/Commercial/Degree/Police Clearance Certificate).

Certificate Apostille In Chennai

The legalization of a degree certificate in Chennai involves the Apostille. In countries that are members of the Hague Convention, it is necessary to prove the authenticity and legitimacy of the degree certificate. If you are looking for the best service to legalize your degree certificates, then Apostille Services can help.

How to obtain Apostille in Chennai?

Apostille Services is one of the few certified apostille agencies located in Chennai. We specialize for various document authentication facilities like birth certificate, marriage certificate, degree certificate, etc. Only professionals who are certified and adept can perform authentication. Apostille Services offers fast legalization services in Chennai.

From attestation by the notary, to the apostille sticker issued by the MEA, we provide authentication of certificates. The MEA sticker is a verification of the certificate, allowing it to be used when applying for a visa. We offer exceptional customer service and are available online 24 hours a day to answer your questions.

Procedure for Apostille Attestation Services in Chennai

The first step in attestation is notary attestation. The local government officials are authorized to carry out the process.

Attestation by the Home Department/SDM (either of the two).

Procedure for Apostille Attestation Services in Chennai

  • Home Department Attestation

    The State Home Department verifies documents

  • SDM Attestation

    The Subdivisional Magistrate can be an alternative to the Home Department. Sub-Divisional Magistrates are independent of the state government. They perform individually.

  • MEA Apostille

    The MEA will provide a sticker that contains the name of the applicant and any other information. Sometimes, along with an apostille stamp, a MEA sticker is also required on documents, particularly for commercial documents. The central government performs the final step in apostille.

What are the different types of apostille in Chennai?

There are several types of documents which require authentication. However, there are generally three types of apostille depending on the reason for migration. The purpose of migration can be for study, work, or business

  • Apostille Services for Personal Certificates in Chennai : Birth certificates, marriage certificates are examples of personal certificates.
  • Apostille Services for Educational Documents in Chennai is a degree certificate. These documents are required to be apostille if you want to apply for a job.
  • Apostille Services for Commercial Documents in Chennai: It is for well-founded businesses that are statutory.

How long does it take for documents to be apostille in Chennai?

Document apostille time is determined by the type of legalization certificate. Document legalization is dependent on the authentication process. The offline process usually takes between 2 and 3 days. If you were to handle the process yourself, it would take 5-6 working days. Your apostille is completed in 2 to 3 days. When the HRD is formed, the time it takes to complete the process is also affected. It also varies between states and universities. Beside this from us you also get HRD Attestation services in Chennai at low cost.

Why Choose Apostille Services?

Apostille Services has been working as an authorized government attestation company in Chennai since more than 8 year. We gain clients' trust with our honesty, commitment, and hard work. We are now recognized by the Ministry of External Affairs as India's best attention company. Our executives are dedicated to providing each customer with the best possible service. We will tell you about our main features.

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