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HRD attestation involves the legalization of educational documents by the state HRD department. Attestation of certificates is a compulsory process. HRD attestation involves the verification of educational documentation. Each state HRD in India verifies educational documents for use abroad. Although the HRD attestation process is the same in all states, the rules may differ.

What is HRD Attestation? What is HRD Attestation full form?

HRD is short for Human Resource Department. It means that you get an attestation stamp on your document from HRD. In India, the process of legalization is used to attest a document's authenticity. HRD attestation occurs in the HRD attestation in the HRD Department of the State. HRD attestation involves a legalization procedure to authenticate a document. After completing document attestation and document apostille, the stamp is applied to a document verification certificate. This is called HRD attestation. The HRD Ministry of the state government or the Human Resource Department will certify educational and personal documents, such as degrees.

What is the need For HRD Attestation?

The HRD attestation is mandatory when you migrate to another country, whether for work or higher education. The attestation of educational certificates is done to verify the authenticity. The HRD attestation for foreign universities is essential. When you apply for foreign admissions, the universities and schools will need to verify the authenticity of your educational certificates. You will need to certify the educational certificates at the embassy in your country of origin. You will also need HRD certification to be able to get employment in other countries. You may be required to submit educational certificates in some instances for verification.

Documents required in order to obtain HRD Attestation

Apostille Services team can help by explaining the requirements for attestation. Here are some of the most common ones.

  • Original Degree Certificate

  • Copy of Mark-sheet

  • Passport Copy

  • Two copies of passport size photos

  • Copy of the Offer Letter from the Foreign Employer

How to do HRD Attestation?

It is a long and complex process to get HRD attestation on educational documents. It can be a stressful process for anyone who wants to study or work overseas. To make the process of attestation for documents quick and easy, the MEA offers attestation services via its authorized agency.

Apostille Services provides authentic services to its customers and maintains transparency.

Procedure for HRD Attestation

Before submitting the documents to Delhi Ministry for verification, you must first obtain the marksheets from the local authorities and then verify them with the university or degree. Below are the steps:

Procedure for HRD Attestation India
  • Certificate Verification

    This is the first level of certificate attestation performed by the university where the blown-out educational certificates came from. This is a mandatory part of legalizing educational certificates before the MEA can authenticate HRD.

  • HRD Attestation

    The department's role is to certify educational documents in accordance with the requirements of the Delhi Embassy. Next, the certificate must be attested by the state government.

How long does it usually take to receive HRD Attestation?

You can find a list of documents for which you might need HRD's legalization. The length of time required is determined by a number of factors, such as the university that issued the document. It usually takes three to four weeks, but can take up to a month if there are additional university formalities. This will affect the overall time.

What is HRD Attestation Fees?

The HRD attestation fee varies from one service to another. The price may also depend on the urgency, where the documents are sent, and the availability of university-verified services. HRD Attestation Price can be several thousand rupees. It may also change with additional utilities such as authentication of documents and pick-up/drop facility. Call us now to get the best prices on attestation.

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