Saudi Arabia Embassy Attestation

Saudi Arabia Embassy Attestation

Get fast Saudi Arabia embassy attestation services in India. Saudi Arabia certificate attestation for birth, marriage, degree in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune, Kerala, Bangalore, Surat etc

Saudi Arabia is the second-most valuable country in the world for natural resources, with a total value of US$33.2 trillion. The largest Middle East nation is also the world's largest oil exporter. The capital of the country is Riyad and the spoken language is Arabic. Saudi Arabia has developed a guideline that streamlines the process of attestation. According to the Saudi Embassy, only certified agents can complete the Attestation process. The Saudi embassy does not accept direct submissions from candidates.

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Certificate Attestation for Saudi

Saudi Arabia is one of those nations that welcomes foreigners to work, stay or do business. Document Attestation is an important procedure to perform when planning a trip to Saudi. This is a crucial part of the verification procedure that certifies the authenticity and genuineness of your documents as well as yourself. The process of attestation of Saudi educational certificates can be lengthy. It is best to have your documents attested by professionals. The legalization service providers are well-versed in the process and have a lot of experience. However, there are only a few reliable Saudi Attestation Services. You should also check if the agency that is providing the attestation is legit.

Certificate attestation for Saudi is categorized in three types

  • Educational Document
  • Non Educational or Personal Document
  • Commercial

Educational Non Educational Commercial
Degree Certificate Marriage certificate Date of Origin
Diploma Certificate MOFA Power of Attorney
PG Degree Certificate Birth certificate Memorandum of Association
Professional Certificate Divorce certificate Certificate of Incorporation
Distance education Certificate Death Certificate Invoice
Bonafide Certificate License
Salary Certificate Income Tax Return
Medical Certificate
Bonafide Certificate

What is Saudi Attestation?

A legal procedure is to obtain an attestation stamp at the Saudi consulate or embassy. This will prove the authenticity of a document. Saudi Embassy Attestation is a certification that documents are required to do business in Saudi Arabia or get a visa. This is necessary as it confirms that you are a valid individual. For the material to be attested by the government, it must be checked at various levels. Documents can only be attested by authorised people.

Why is Saudi Attestation Required?

For a number of reasons, such as work visas, student visas, residence visas, or marketing, we need certificate attestation. This is a way to confirm that you're a genuine person/company visiting Saudi Arabia with no bad intentions. This proves your certificates are valid and you can enter the country.

Procedure for Saudi Attestation

The Saudi attestation process is an indirect one, and it is handled by various levels of government. The Ministry of External Affairs decentralized the process on 1 January 2019 to local RPOs, Branch Secretariats. Attestation is required from notaries, SHD, HRD and SDM, as well as the MEA.

Procedure for Saudi Attestation

  • State Attestation

    Initial attestation must be done by the state authority. State attestation, the most basic form of attestation, is required. The attestation must be issued by the state where the document was issued. Respective state personnel verifies the documents/certificates like HRD, GAD, SDM, etc. For further processing.

  • MEA Attestation

    MEA/Apostille attestation occurs after the state has checked the document. MEA certifies the authenticity of a document to be used in Saudi Arabia, or anywhere else. This is the second phase of general attestation.

  • Culture Attestation

    Cultural Attestation of educational documents is done by The Cultural division of the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia. After the MEA attests the educational document, the cultural attestation takes place. The Cultural division of The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia verifies that the educational document is authentic by checking it with the university.

  • Embassy Attestation

    The documents are then sent to the Saudi Arabia Embassy for attestation. The Embassy authenticates the document to be used in Saudi Arabia.

What is the cost of Certificate Attestation for Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia has different fees for attestation of certificates. The fee will be determined by the urgency of the request, as well as the location of the document's issuance, and the type of document, i.e. educational or commercial. It could be high or moderate if HRD is involved. However, it will differ based on the additional services such as legalization and pick-up and drop. Call our sales representative now to find out the exact Saudi Attestation Charges.

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