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HRD attestation, also known as legalization or apostille, is a process carried out by the HRD Department of the State.

In many countries, attestation of HRD certificates is required for visas, employment or higher education abroad. You must follow the State HRD Attestation procedure in order to receive attestation at the embassy.

Documents required for State HRD Attestation in Kerala

In order to get an attestation by HRD in Kerala you will need to send the original degree certificate along with a copy of your mark sheet, a copy of your offer letter, a copy of your passport, and two passport-sized photographs. If you want you can also get certificate Apostille Service for Kerala from us low affordable cost.

How to do HRD Attestation in Kerala?

The service provider will have easy access to the authentication of documents, including the degree certificates. Apostille Services offers legitimate HRD attestation services in Kerala. It maintains transparency and is known for its high-quality work. Contact us with your queries.

HRD Attestation Procedure for Kerala

HRD Attestation Procedure for Kerala

You can find the detailed steps here

1. Document/Certificate Verification

2. The college or university where the certificate or document was issued verifies all educational certificates or documents.

3. Attestation by HRD or Home Department

For HRD certificate/Documents attestation you first need your certificates/documents to be verified by your respective State HRD department/ Home Deportment/Union Territory thereafter MEA.

Why is HRD Attestation required for Kerala?

What is HRD Attestation and Why Is It Important? For anyone looking to pursue academic or career opportunities abroad, HRD attestations will be required. Your attested documents serve as proof of your citizenship and authenticity.

  • Abroad Higher Education

  • Employment Visa

  • Student Visa

  • Work Visa

  • Traveling

  • Overseas Employments

How long will it take to get HRD Attestation in Kerala?

There is a list of documents that may need legalization by HRD. It depends on the institution issuing the document. Due the formal requirements for university certifications, it can take up to a month to complete. All of the factors mentioned above will still affect the time required.

What is the cost of getting Kerala HRD Attestation?

The price of HRD Attestation in Kerala can vary depending on the services. Other factors, such as the urgency, location of documents, availability of university verification, etc., may have an effect. HRD Attestation fees could range from several thousand rupees to even more, depending on the additional services provided, like document authentication, pick-up, or drop-off.